Monday, 2 February 2015

First Draft - Chapter Six


Jeff had picked up the speed.
“Let’s go,” I grabbed Oscar’s hand and tugged him in the direction of the deck. Once we got up there and sat down, you could really feel the weight of the wind, and it felt so freeing and fresh as it swept my hair out of my face. Occasionally, the water would splash up and the droplets would make my lips taste all salty.
“I can’t quite believe I’ve put my life into his hands,” I laughed.
“Oh grow a pair,” Oscar quoted, and I shook my head. Taking a deep breath, the tiredness hit me and I lay down feeling encompassed by the black sky, noticing it now Oscar had made me think about it. He joined me.
“This is the happiest I’ve been in a while,” he muttered. It was almost a whisper.
“Sometimes the biggest risks you take are the best ones.” Whispering Grass echoed from beneath us.
“Hey Oscar.”
“It really is beautiful.”
I stared in awe at the twinkling dots.
“You know there’s a French quote which reads, la taille de l’univers peut varier avec vos rêves.” Oscar announced. He said it so beautifully, so elegantly.
“And what does that mean?” I turned to lie on my side and bent my arm to tuck it under my head. My eyes felt heavy and the effects of the alcohol were beginning to take its toll, yet I looked intently in Oscar’s direction and wondered how I’d become such good friends with such an intelligent human being.
“The size of the universe is able to vary according to your dreams.”
Then I turned to lie on my back again, and looked up further into the universe. A few seconds passed before I closed my eyes and whispered to him, “then my dreams are endless.”